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made in the land of beginnings
specialty coffee

We want to deliver delicious coffee from Nagasaki, the place where coffee was first introduced to Japan, to people all over the country. We are making coffee that has been carefully "water sharpened" with our wishes.

What is specialty coffee?

The flavor of the liquid coffee in the cup held by the coffee drinker is excellent, and the coffee satisfies the consumer by judging that it is delicious. A great tasting coffee is one that has a distinct and striking flavor profile, a refreshing bright acidity profile, and a lingering coffee note that disappears with a touch of sweetness. In order for the flavor in the cup to be delicious, it is essential to have a consistent system, process, and quality control at all stages from the coffee bean (seed) to the cup (From Seed to Cup ) as defined by SCAJ.

Quoted from the website of the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ)

Carefully selected seasonal coffee beans

 Japan is one of the world's leading coffee-consuming countries, ranking third after the United States and Brazil, excluding the EU, and importing coffee beans from all over the world. Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and so on are imported to Japan from the top, accounting for 99.7% of 24 countries. Since the timing of harvesting in each country and region and the timing of transportation to ports in Japan are different, we want our customers to enjoy various coffee beans in the freshest possible state. We handle a wide variety of products in small quantities according to demand. In addition, when selecting coffee beans, we are particular about "sweetness".

Our store commitment
"Water polishing" of coffee beans

At our store, after removing the worm-eaten beans, moldy beans, etc. called "defective beans" contained in the raw beans (namame), we always perform "water polishing (water washing)" before roasting. This is because imported raw beans are covered with dust and residual pesticides unique to the producing country. You can enjoy the original taste of coffee beans without any unpleasant taste by removing these by "water polishing".

Taste that deepens with roasting ratio

"Roasting" is an important process that determines the flavor and aroma. There are a wide range of roasting degrees from light roasting to deep roasting, but at our shop, we use a semi-hot air roaster to find the roasting degree that brings out the original taste of each coffee bean. for sale. In addition, if you have a favorite degree of roasting, you can also adjust it according to your request.

Commitment to freshness

At our store, not only the expiration date but also the roasting date is specified on the package. Most coffee beans start deteriorating immediately after roasting, peaking 2-3 days after roasting, and the level of deliciousness gradually declines. If stored properly, it will retain its original flavor for about 2 months. Therefore, at our store, in the case of an order from the ONLINE SHOP, we will roast and ship after receiving the order. We only sell coffee beans that are less than a month old, and use an aroma keep pack that can minimize oxidation at the store. Specifying the roast date is a sign of integrity.

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