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"I want to make coffee that matches my restaurant's cuisine", "I want to enjoy the ultimate coffee that I want" Information on how to make original blended coffee. If you have any questions, please use the inquiry form.

How to make original blended coffee

1. Hearing about your favorite taste

Through phone calls, emails, and interviews, we will ask you about your preferred taste (less sour, less bitter, etc.), production area, if there is a food you would like to pair with coffee, and your budget.

2. Suggestions and tasting of blend contents

Depending on the contents of the hearing, we will create 2-3 types of blend proposals and have you taste them. For tasting, you can choose to come to our store or send it by mail according to the extraction environment of the requester.

3. taste adjustment

 Based on the proposed blend that you have tasted, we will adjust it again according to your wishes, such as "more sourness" or "add a little bitterness", and ask you to taste it again.

Four. Blend decision

If you are satisfied with the adjusted blend proposal, we will discuss the delivery amount and delivery date and manufacture it.

point of blend

The taste of coffee changes depending on various factors such as the country of origin, production area, farm, altitude, variety, and refining method, and even the same coffee beans and blends have different tastes depending on the degree of roasting. It doesn't matter if it's vague or vague at first, but if you could tell us your favorite taste, I think the blending process will go smoothly.

Blend example
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