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So that you can enjoy the charm of coffee beans wider and deeper...We will introduce a taste map to find your particular taste.


"If you go to a coffee specialty store, you'll see a lot of coffee, but what's different?" Have you ever thought that?
There are many factors that determine the taste of coffee, such as the country, farm, altitude, variety, refining method, degree of roasting, and extraction method, and the taste varies depending on the physical and mental state of the person who drinks it. Among them, in the coffee industry, it is sometimes said that “70% raw beans, 20% roasted, 10% extracted” is controversial, but there is no doubt that the difference in green coffee beans has a great effect on the taste.

Here, we have created a taste map by representative production areas (countries) to help you choose our own roasted coffee beans. We hope that you will enjoy the differences between various coffee beans by referring to this map.

Coffee bean flavor map

* This is a rough image map of the products handled by our store at the time of creation.It also depends on the time of sale and the item being sold.

*In addition, it varies greatly not only by country, but also by farms, varieties, refining methods, degree of roasting, etc.

Quarterly Taste Map
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