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Coffee love inherited from the previous generation

"A coffee shop even though it's a barber shop?"

The answer lies in the thought and space inherited from the previous generation.

I want to expand the circle of smiles connected by coffee

This year (2022) will be the 66th year since my grandfather started his business as a "barber shop" here in Nakazonocho, Nagasaki City. In the meantime, about 30 to 40 years ago, there was a time when my parents ran a coffee shop called "Rocky Mountain" in parallel with the barber shop. I heard that the name "Rocky Mountain" came from my father's admiration for mountain climbing, camping, and being in contact with nature.

At the time, I was a toddler to elementary school, and when I got home from kindergarten or elementary school, I spent most of my time at coffee shops. Of course, I couldn't drink coffee yet, but I loved the aroma of ground coffee beans spreading throughout the store, and most of all, the smiling faces of customers who came to the store. When my mother became ill due to overwork, I decided to quit the coffee shop and devote myself to the barber shop.


Then, when I became a junior high school student, I secretly had a dream of "I want to revive a coffee shop with my own hands someday." It was roasted coffee. A scent and flavor that draws a clear line from any coffee you've ever had, and a lingering aftertaste that lingers in your mouth long after you leave the store. I became a prisoner of it. The dream of reviving the coffee shop is still in the middle of the road, but as a first step, I would like to provide people with the same experience as myself and spread the "smile" that I saw when I was a child through delicious coffee. Masu.

Business summary


Roost Coffee Roaster



開 業

2021年 1月







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